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"By following Amy's Pilates program each week, one individually tailored to my needs, I have improved my overall balance, strength and alignment. Recently, I walked into her studio with increased knee pain. During the one-hour Pilates session, Amy combined muscle-strengthening exercises and stretching with massage, and I walked out of her studio pain free."

–Andrea S.
  New York, NY

"Amy's instruction is gentle and thorough, leaving you in greater touch with hidden parts of both body and spirit at session's end. She is a patient, intuitive guide, addressing individual needs with her blend of wisdom and sensitivity. You don't simply see results, you feel them."

–Marc K.
  Jersey City, NJ

"I was always envious of movie star physiques through pilates workouts, so a prayer was answered when Amy decided to teach one-on-one sessions. I don't think I have ever exercised properly let alone used my core muscles. Amy is helping me to correct that, and the bonus is that proper alignment helps prevent injuries. I really look forward to my instruction every week. Thanks, Amy."

–Susan F.
  Hoboken, NJ

"I have the great fortune of experiencing Amy's teaching in both Pilates and Tango. Having been a fitness professional for 32 years I am very discerning and look for a trainer and dance teacher with a combination of knowledge, skill and passion. Amy has an understanding of my body and its weaknesses and strengths. Every session with her is committed to addressing MY individual needs. But the most important ingredient is her passion and commitment. It is the key that makes every session interesting and fun while keeping me motivated. I recommend her whole heartedly!"

–Barbara M.
  Hoboken, NJ

Regarding her Tango instruction...

"Amy is a motivated and enthusiastic teacher who can reach out to people from all walks of life. She made a difference to me and many others at her classes where I not only made many new friends but also learned something from simple and informative instruction. I would recommend her to anyone who is considering lessons as she is generous with her time, fun to be with and really cares about her students."

–Roy D.
  Monroe Township, NJ

"For several years, my husband and I enjoyed many Tango classes with Amy. She is an exceptional teacher—very thorough in both technique and style. She is very passionate about her work as a teacher and it shows.

Amy has given us a valuable gift—the ability to dance with sophisticated joy and grace. My husband and I now always take the opportunity to dance in any situation and have been given compliments countless times in regards to our dancing—all thanks to Amy."

–Kelley A.
  Perth Amboy, NJ

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