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Amy teaching the Roll Down on the Cadillac.

Pilates works well in combination with other modes of exercise. Someone who is looking to shed a few pounds will need to engage in vigorous cardiovascular exercise and maintain a nutritious, low-fat diet. Runners have strong cardiovascular systems, but need to alleviate tight muscles. What do these two types of people have in common? They both need pilate. The reason being that pilates does what other exercises often fail to do: it strengthens the deepest abdominal and postural muscles. And pilates is not just for women, because we all have the same muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles.

I have compiled a short list of articles from a variety of sources. Some of the categories include runners and women with babies (since there are so many of both in Hoboken). Since my sessions include self-myofascial release, I have included a section on this topic.

What is myofasciae? (Hint: If you have muscles, you have fasciae.) I leave it to the vast wisdom of the experts to explain:

We all have movement patterns. Pilates can address the imbalances from lifelong habits:

Pilates can help ease chronic conditions that runners often experience:

A modified pilates regimen helps women safely recover from childbirth:

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