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Amy Valent-Ribot, owner of Hoboken Pilates, moved to Hoboken in 1985. In what seems like a past life, Amy was a university graduate (Seton Hall), a visual artist, poet, and graphic designer. However, in 1990 her long-lost love of dance re-emerged. She began attending classes in the Argentine Tango, studying with the world’s masters. From here, her many curiosities of movement resulted in not only studying the lead and follow of an intricate social dance, but also deeper explorations via the Alexander Technique and yoga. In 1995, she began teaching group dance classes in Hoboken. From 2000 to 2003, she hosted Tango by the Hudson, a free outdoor dance venue on Pier A. She began teaching the Tango at the Hoboken YMCA in 2001. Amy gravitated towards Pilates and discovered that it not only improved her technique on the dance floor, but alleviated chronic pain from a mild case of scoliosis. In 2006, Amy completed all of her certifications in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration in New York. She began teaching pilates mat at the YMCA in 2005 until its sudden closure in March, 2010. In 2009, Amy also became an ACE-certified group fitness instructor. Since 2011 she has hosted Pilates in the Park, a free outdoor venue of mat classes in Elysian Park open to the public. In 2012 she taught the Argentine Tango to high school students at the Hoboken Charter School. She continues her education by attending workshops and lectures with renowned fitness and bodywork professionals.

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  • ACE Fitness
    Group Fitness Instructor Certification, Continuing Education: Essential Strength training, Knee Stabilization
  • Kane School of Core Integration, New York, NY
    Certifications: Pilates Mat, Apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel), Continuing Education: Core Anatomy, Hypermobility, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, The Postpartum Client, The Pelvic Floor, Exercise Through Pregnancy, The Psoas, Healthy Necks
  • Kuan Hui Chew, New York, NY
  • Tom Meyers, New York, NY
    Breathing 101
  • Movements Afoot
    Don't Be Defeeted: the Foot, Lesley Powell
  • Kinected Pilates Center, New York, NY
    Knee Injuries, Stability Created Flexibility: The Application of Pilates in Rehab, Christine Romany-Ruby
  • Erika Bloom Pilates Plus, New York, NY
    Fascia: Another Perspective in Movement
  • The Red Cross, New York, NY
    CPR Certification: Annual certification
  • Irene Dowd, New York, NY
    Practicing Ideokinesis
    Introduction to PNF Patterns

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